Our company policy is to educate graduates as well as guide and support them in achieving ever higher levels during their career. At each stage of an employee's development, we support him/her with appropriate training and activities that provide professional self-fulfilment.

In the annual training plan created based on the needs gathered from various departments of our company, we make use of internal and external training related to four basic issues:

  • substantive training — this provides specific "hard" knowledge and, depending on the department, it relates to legal, accounting, financial, logistics and administrative issues. However, it usually involves construction knowledge needed by our engineering staff and other technical employees.
  • personal development training - developing "soft" abilities, such as leadership, time management, communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills.
  • IT training — depending on the needs we familiarise employees with the software necessary for their work. This most often applies to office packages or technical programs for cost estimation, designing, construction schedule management and graphics programs. We also organise internal training conducted by our IT specialists.
  • language training — we organise training tailored to the level of advancement and place of work of the individual. We cooperate with several language schools that conduct classes for individuals and groups within the company (in the office and on the construction site), or at the language school. The education focuses mainly on English; classes in Norwegian are also provided.

We support employees with career planning through preliminary assessment after their trial period and annual interim assessments during which their superior determines with the employee their professional and training capabilities and needs. This is supported by a specialist from the personnel department, who also regularly visits employees, monitoring and identifying the development potential of each member of staff.

We regularly choose back-up personnel, namely employees in line for promotion to managerial positions, to whom we provide a training package preparing them for the role. It covers training which develops leadership competencies, explaining legal and OHS issues, familiarises them with financial and budgetary issues, and technical training.

People are the most valuable asset in our company.